Tracking Amazon Through COVID-19

The sudden outbreak of COVID-19 has impacted all of us, with new updates every day. At Sellwin, our goal is to help agencies and clients stay informed about the world of e-commerce and make strategic decisions about their business. As we all move forward together through the uncertainty of this time, we will use this space to keep track of announcements from the press and our marketplaces partners.


  • 5/13 – Amazon announces a new tablet, the Fire HD 8, as a large portion of the world continues to quarantine at home. The tablets will begin shipping on June 3rd and the entry-level model costs $90.
  • 5/11 – Speculation arises about whether Amazon will buy AMC theaters. This would be a game changer for movie studios since Amazon obviously would prioritize its own films and own a larger brick and mortar footprint for its retail products.
  • 5/11 – Amazon working on a virus-killing robot per 60 Minutes. This demonstrates one of many of Amazon’s measures to combat Coronavirus, including COVID-19 testing, AI, and contact tracing.
  • 5/4 – Tim Bray, a senior Amazon executive, quits over firings of employees who protested, sparking further public backlash of Amazon’s treatments of warehouse workers.
  • 5/1 – Amazon, Instacart and Target employees organized May Day protests for their respective companies to provide better benefits through the COVID environment. These retailers continue to claim that they’ve made significant investments for worker protections, but protesters argue that such provisions are temporary and PPE is not guaranteed.



  • 3/24 – Amazon Vine Program and coupon offers are temporarily suspended, effectively slowing the flywheel effect on sales.
  • 3/23 – Amazon publishes a blog post detailing their efforts to fight price gouging on the platform.
  • 3/21 – Official Amazon press release announces that they will be temporarily prioritizing essential items for shipping in response to the crisis: