Roundel’s value is rooted in first party, deterministic consumer (guest) shopping data that has been collected for over 14 years. With over 30 million weekly store transactions, our proprietary first party data allows marketers to identify, segment, analyze, and reach the right individual, at the right time, with the right creative, across devices powered by over 149 Million proprietary, individual guest profiles. Sales and interactions are attributed back to media run via our exclusively curated network, allowing brands a distinct advantage over competition on a fraud free/bot free platform that was designed for Target’s Enterprise marketing, which is now offered to partners. Campaigns run with Roundel are planned and aligned to your KPIs to drive your business, including awareness, brand equity, engagement, sales, or other channel-based performance metrics. Our holistic, closed-loop reporting methodology is best in class, providing measurable outcomes. Our insights and analytics provide transparency into your brand campaigns and guests from both national branding and shopper marketing business objectives.