Sellwin is a consulting service focused on helping clients optimize their e-commerce strategies. We provide guidance on every aspect of retail — from product setup, to reviews and loyalty, logistics and warehousing, and advertising and marketing — working closely with tech partners and emerging innovators in the space to architect the best strategy possible for our clients.

We are currently collecting information to build a comprehensive marketplace directory that catalogs all of the vendors and categories within the eCommerce space. If you would like your company to be included, please click the button below to submit a listing.

Please check out the FAQ below. Completing a submission gives us the right to use your company name and logo in our Marketplace Directory and any related materials. If you have any feedback or would like to know more about this project, don’t hesitate to contact us at


Who should submit? 

If your company provides e-commerce services of any type, including product information and digital asset management, sampling and reviews, packaging and supply chain, measurement and analytics, social commerce, retail or influencer partnerships, add-to-cart add ons, affiliate and/ or fulfillment services, we want to hear from you.  

A full list of company classifications can be found on the Marketplace Directory Submission form. (We gently request all submissions be sent via this form so things don’t get too crazy.)

What do I need to supply?  

Your company name, URL, and description. You’ll check a few boxes about types of services you provide, provide a vector file of your company logo so we can make a display image, and list a point of contact that we can work with if we have any questions.  

When is the deadline to submit? 

Trick question! There is no deadline. 

How do I update my info? 

Shoot us an email at, and we will work with you to update. 

Can’t find the form?

Here it is:  Marketplace Directory Submissions