Brands Breaking Through with the Amazon Advantage

Amazon, the 800-pound gorilla of just about everything, has set its advertising sights high up the funnel on your awareness and branding budgets, and they’re making a pretty great case for themselves.  There are two not-so-secret weapons in their arsenal: unprecedented data paired with unexpected and unique media vehicles.

You already know Amazon sits on deep data sets: everything you’ve ever browsed, considered, purchased, every billing and shipping address you’ve ever had, and every credit card you’ve ever used.  As consumers, we willingly divulge deeper insights to better refine our purchases – like our car make/model to get to the right parts and accessories, pet size and breed to get the correct food and medicine, and on and on. 

Now, we can layer entertainment consumption patterns on top of this commerce data. Prime Membership penetration is at almost half of the US.  Beyond quick delivery, the draw of Prime is without a doubt driven by the quality and diversity of the Amazon Prime entertainment offerings across Video and Music. They’ve become a real player in the OTT space with Fire and the development of award winning original programming like The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel and Jack Ryan.  

Pairing commerce and entertainment data allows for unique custom audience segmentation.  Historically, refining your targeting could lead to scale issues, but with Amazon’s reach of 197MM uniques averaging 115 minutes monthly, there’s considerably more opportunity.  

But Amazon is far greater than just heaps of data.

Amazon is a cross-platform canvas that will challenge your creative team to ideate in new and different ways, beyond sight, sound and motion and on to voice-enabled experiences, and the unexpected out-of-home canvases of a fleet of Amazon trucks, Amazon lockers, a growing stores footprint and, of course, on to the Amazon box itself. 

In its quest for branding dollars, Amazon is open to custom content integrations and the inclusion of Amazon-related offers and coupons. Some leverage the Prime Now infrastructure already in place in a growing number of markets – a promise of delivery within the next two hours.  Hyundai did it with a test drive on-demand in select markets, and L’Oreal with a hair stylist on demand in NYC.  Hyundai also tied in their owner’s app, Blue Link, with an Alexa integration that allows you to start your car and set the temperature via voice command from inside your home. 

M&M’s recently sponsored a “Movie Night” promotion that tied together a two-hour delivery with Prime Now, a movie coupon with Prime Video, and an Alexa skills integration with a sponsorship of the IMDB Alexa “What’s On TV?” segment. Additionally, Alexa users could cue the Flash briefing in the voice of a famous M&M character; hearing them discuss the Grammy’s, The Bachelor, etc.  Rotating media across FireTV, Kindle and Amazon’s DSP helped fuel discovery.

Whether it’s creating custom content sponsorships, exploring the unique OOH options, or leveraging the Prime Now infrastructure to surprise and delight customers, the executions can be personal, meaningful and allow your brand voice to be heard in ways that will truly stand out.  Amazon has earned the right to appear prominently in your media consideration set for branding and awareness.