A2Z: Decoding the Q1 Earnings Report

Here’s what you need to know: Amazon announced Q1 earnings last week, reporting their highest numbers ever. Ad sales slowed down, so we shared our analysis on the blog and in CNBC. Isobar launched a new interactive Alexa adventure, and Amazon has announced so many updates that we can barely keep up. Let’s dive in. 

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Why Amazon’s ad sales growth has slowed (and why it may pick up again)

Amazon reported their best numbers ever for Q1, but growth in ad sales cooled to 36%, the lowest in six quarters. Sellwin’s Travis Johnson spoke to CNBC about the change, and why he expects those numbers to ramp back up again soon. 

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Decoding Amazon’s Q1 earnings report 

Amazon’s ad sales slowed in Q1, but numbers don’t tell the full story. The bigger picture reveals lots more growth ahead. Read our analysis on the Sellwin blog. 

Isobar launches an interactive Alexa adventure for stop-motion comedy ‘Missing Link’

The adventure features over 1.5 hours of interactove content that lets kids and their parents join the protagonists of the children’s film in a series of goofy adventures. Read more in Variety

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Merkle wins the the Buy Box

Amazon reports that 82% of sales come through the Buy Box, and that the percentage is even higher for mobile purchases. Our friends at Merkle explain how to win and why it’s so important. 

In Case You Missed It: Top Amazon Headlines this week 

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